Bits n bobs

Thought I’d post something again. I haven’t really been sketching that much anymore lately. Too busy with other things I guess.

Here’s some old (and not-so-old) pages from the sketchbook.

The first one has a couple of rough mockups of what our game in the first semester was supposed to look like, along with some complicated calculations for the economic system in the game.

This one is from the kickoff of our current project, where we built a small (anti-)valentine’s game, “Detéste L’Amour”. You can check it out in the games section of my portfolio.

In other news, PoseurInk was at Wondercon this weekend, shopping around the anthology among other things, and the word is that people are pretty stoked about it. So I’m looking forward to receiving my contributor copy and reading the first reviews. 🙂

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