MAGS Day 26 – It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white



That was my Michael Jackson impression, in case you were wondering.

After a period of relative laid-back-ness I am feeling the heat now. With only one week left (less actually by now), there is still much to be done. I haven’t gotten ’round to the final puzzle yet (mostly because I’m not looking forward to coding all the possibilities) and I am equally if not more NOT looking forward to building walkcycles for the characters. Though I did create the turnaround for Jake today and complete all (4) backgrounds. The rest of the day was filled with miscellanious tinkerings; buttons, shadows, walkto’s, that sorta stuff. Because of the small number of rooms I tried something fancy with the character shadows that I think you’re gonna like.

Because of the time pressure I decided to cop out a bit and do the graphics in black & white now. It’s a style I use regularly in my comics, and I must say it doesn’t look half bad here either. I might still color them for a post-MAGS update though.

Tomorrow I’m gonna tackle the final puzzle then so the gameplay is complete. And draw the remaining character turnarounds. I’m hoping by writing this down in here for you to see I’ll feel bound by some moral obligation and actually do it for real this time. So check back tomorrow to see if you get to yell at me or not!

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  1. Hi, what program do you use for your backgrounds? I’ve been experimenting with various different applications but nothing’s felt quite right yet.

    1. Hi Hudders, I use Photoshop and a drawing tablet for most of my work.
      btw, loving your Ghost Detective comic 🙂

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