Webcomic picks

I’ve been reading Fleen recently, one of the most popular comic news sites. It’s a little sensationalist, as opposed to for example Journalista, but they have good content most of the time. It’s good to have a look around the scene sometimes at what other people are doing. I’ve discovered a few new webcomics that I really like through there. Maybe you will too.

Dresden Codak
Gorgeous art and layouts.

Cat and Girl
This is a very interesting strip, a little high-brow. It somehow reminds me of a sort of amalgam of Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes.

Sin Titulo
Found this one on Fleen today. I’m in love with the art style. Very good.

Scary Go Round
My favourite new webcomics. Full of wacky antics and colourful characters. John Allison has a unique way with words.

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