Week 14

This is a weekly recap of the goings-on in my professional life – to keep track of what I’m doing and to give you a peek at what it’s like being an independant creative.

I can keep this one short. Monday I did my Off-stage thing. Tuesday I worked at Game Oven again, and played a solid run of DayZ with a friend. Wednesday I got well sick. Thursday I got to see a beautiful part of Amsterdam and worked from the dining room table in Adriaan’s house because he was also sick. We also played the Stanley Parable together, which is GOOD though ironically I think the demo is even better (which I played afterwards). And friday was spent under the covers until ‘sushi+drawing’ night with some good friends, where we painted crazy things on household objects.

It’s fun to break out of established methods sometimes, I hardly ever draw anything on paper anymore, so taking a marker to a wooden box felt refreshingly visceral.

I’ve been thinking more about my scifi game idea this week – tentatively named “Deck 5” – after reading this killer article about narrative design which anyone interested in game storytelling should read. It made a few things click together and finally gave me the outline for the plot. I’m doing early concept art for it now, more on that soon.

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