Week two

While trying to fight against the heat to get stuff done, this week just flew by.

At the start of the week controversy around Phil Fish and David Vonderhaar caught my attention. We’ve seen disturbingly often before, but instead of writing it off as “oh well, that’s the internet!” more people are starting to report on it and get in on the discussion. This is a good development for an awful phenomenon.

Progress on Off-stage has been steady but slow. Drawing full pages takes forever. I don’t know if it’s the heat or if I am not yet honed enough with this style to do it under two hours. Hopefully after next week I will be able to start posting them regularly.

On Saturday I went to the opening of gallery Pepper in Rotterdam. A friend of mine did a mural there so we went to check it out. I met some cool new art people to chat with about freelancing and illustration, something I was jonesin’ for. I feel like I have so much to learn.
Sitting in the park the next day I was thankful, despite the whirlpool of uncertainty, for having the time now to sit and think about these things and figure out what really drives me as an artist.

Oh, also updated a wordpress installation somewhere along the way. Nothing broke. There was much rejoicing.

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